King-Size shoes in Vreden


In our shop in Vreden we specialise only in selling large shoes.

Mens shoes are available from size 47 up to size 69 and ladies shoes start from size 42 1/2 up to size 55.
Sport shoes are also available from size 14 1/2.

Wessels; shoemakers history

Johann Theodor Wessels
born.: 19.1.1812
Joseph Wessels
born: 25.5.1851
Georg Wessels
born: 30.4.1889
Joseph Wessels
born: 9.2.1919
Georg Wessels
born: 1952

Our company was founded in 1745 and since then we have offered a high quality production of our own shoes combined with acquired products from other European manufacturers.

We offer a very wide range of oversized shoes, equivalent to what you would find in a shoe shop with normal sizes. We cater for many articles in small numbers and not a few articles in large numbers. Our approach to the customer has always been a ‘personal’ one in which we encourage the client to see and try the various styles of shoes on as many times as required. This is helped by the relaxed atmosphere in the shop.

We prefer the ‘personal’ touch and therefore offer no mailorder or bulletin service. Oversized shoes should be available in a wide variety of styles, offering comfort and keeping up with the height of fashion. A variety of models and styles for all occasions. Our business is based on offering quality shoes at competitive prices. Trained technical staff are on hand to give advice and help when required. It is important to mention that we think just because large shoes are required this does not automatically mean that you should pay excessive prices. We are able to keep the prices as low as possible.

We now accept following credit cards: ec-card with maestro-logo and PINcode. Other cash dispensing facilities are available close to the shop if required.
You are able to find our company in Vreden which is well situated on the west side of Münsterland, close to the Dutch border. Vreden offers many attractions for visitors interested in cultural and art/ historical sights. Nature lovers can also find several nature reserves nearby.
As there is a second shoe shop with our name, please ask for “Wessels Neustrasse” or “Übergrößen Wessels”.

Opening times are as follows:
Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 12.30
and from 14.00 to 18.00.

Saturday is from 10.00 to 14.00
(the first Saturday of every month is to 16.00).

Please note that we are closed during the months of February and August.

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shoes in the world

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“In our shop in Vreden we specialise only in selling large shoes”